Azure Labs

Environments Lifecycle Management As a Service

Build and manage cloud based environments for when you need them and for the duration they are needed for, without wasting valuable resources with our new self-service, azure based management system for enterprises.

What is Azure Labs?

Cloud based managament system for virtual environments orchastratoin and lifecycle management as-a-service (EaaS). Azure Labs enables enterprises teams to unify virtual machines deployments at rapid scale, security and budget control.

From operate to consume IT as a services

  • Built-in Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates (pre-configured with Azure resource)
  • Approval chain for system admins
  • Configurable usage alerts and notifications
75% CapEx Savings compare to traditional hardware and IT resources

Self service Scheduling & Automation

  • Templates editing: Upload, Duplicate, Replace and Delete
  • Auto Stopping Mechanism to save Costs on unused Labs
  • Lifecyclle configuration, Extand Labs avilability and life span settings
Billing management and budget capping by hour, user or template

Role Based Privileged Access Control

  • Save 30% of costs through automated provisioning
  • Usage reporting and statistics, by regions, templates uptime and budget limit
  • Safe deletion capability's with archive mode and activity logs monitoring
Identity management and role base control

Azure Labs Verticals

Cyber Secutiry
POC (SEs, Pre Sale, Sales)
Expedite the Pre sales lifecycle by at least 50%, Self Manage, Launching of demos with no installation or integration
Training (e.g.: Computer Science, Cyber, IT)
Enable training courses over multiple environments via RDP display
Product Tests (QA, Dev Tests)
Create virtual environments, servers, endpoints and network for product testing's

Delivering Cloud Automation – Accelerating your ROI

- Save time and money over hardware maintenance, Switch to usage-Based Pricing and IT Asset Management. - Breaking New Ground, The combination of lower cost and faster delivery makes your products more competitive. - Dynamic service management and elastic provision, targets business needs and end users for higher utilization. Download Informative PDF


- Azure Account Setup (CSP)
- Azure Labs Deployment
- 3 Templates Setup
- Pay per use
- Azure Account Setup (CSP)
- Azure Labs Deployment
- 7 Templates Setup
- Multi VNET selection
- 25 Hours Infrastracture integration Support
- Budget Managament
- Azure Account Setup (CSP)
- Azure Labs Deployment
- 7 Templates Setup
- Multi VNET selection
- 25 Hours Infrastracture integration Support
- Create Environment for others
- Budget Managament
- NetAPP integration
- SLA Support

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